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Our Story

People Tree is getting ready!And going through lots of change….

Many of you think of us as THE Fair Trade fashion company.

Our Story

That’s how long we have been active. Since long before many people started to think about sustainability or north-south economic justice - especially in the fashion industry. We started in 1991 in Japan, when Fair Trade was hardly known. We’ve been deeply heartened by how many people right from the earliest days supported our vision, in their different ways. Ten years later we opened in UK, selling organic and Fair Trade clothing, mostly to customers in UK and Europe.

Our mission

33 years later, we are still very much committed to the same mission. Fair Trade, market access for disadvantaged and marginalised peoples, and sustainable options for peoples’ daily lives. And a thriving community of information exchange for people who want to create a sustainable and fairer world - people who want themselves to be the change they want to see in the world.

Children at KTS school, Nepal

COVID-19 Reality

In the broader economy we have come through any number of shocks and knocks. Most recently, COVID-19 alone has radically transformed the economic landscape. We are absolutely committed to our roots and principles, and we continue selling to customers in Japan, right where we started.

Making a better world

We are adjusting our organisation and product lines to play a better role in accomplishing our mission. We will come back with a new web page, with new designs and with our team committed to the Fair Trade mission. Till the day we come back, please continue your support to this movement of making a better world, and keep the conversation moving forward !


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