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About the Producer: N.B. International

People Tree’s organic merino wool collection is made by N.B. International, a family-run business based in Modena, Italy. They have been producing premium quality knitwear since the 1970s, and work with a number of Italian production units.

People Tree’s knitwear collection is made at N.B. International’s partner factory, Maglificio David. Founded in 1964, Maglificio David are another a family-run business who have always supported their local community. Many years ago they started a collaboration to set up a halfway house in Pistoia, Italy, named La Conchiglia. Run by nuns, the house is where abused women or women saved from trafficking, mostly immigrants, can receive work placements to learn new skills. To help La Conchiglia, Maglificio David donates all seconds to raise funds to support the project.

Organic wool is a natural, renewable, biodegradable and durable fibre that comes from farms that put sheep and the environment first. Organic sheep are reared, fed, sheltered and transported with consideration for their wellbeing. Cruel practices are prohibited and animal stress is minimised. Organic farmers take a preventative approach to disease, so animals are not routinely treated with antibiotics, wormers or pesticides. Organic animals are reared on organic feed and grazed on organic land, and are free to pursue their natural behaviour with plenty of space outside and a free range life.


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